The prices of some agricultural crops exceed the price of gold due to many factors, the most important of which is the lack of key resources and components for this crop or their lack of popularity in the markets, so we will learn about the most expensive agricultural crops in the world.

La Bonnotte Fries

One of the most expensive agricultural crops because it is grown in one geographical region, which is the French island, which is located next to the Atlantic Ocean

Harvesting the crop manually and the duration of harvesting is 7 days for certain reasons, and the price per pound of potatoes exceeds 50 dollars.

Yubari Watermelon

The best species, as well as its price, is very high in the world. Four years ago from now, a pair of these crops were sold at an estimated value of 27 thousand dollars and it was shared by a rich man in Japan. Wonderful and sweet taste, this kind of watermelon is sold at auctions and

Japanese stores, and the price of a single watermelon exceeds 50 to 100 USD and you can buy small pieces of watermelon for 5 dollars.

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Saffron is one of the very costly plants, whether in its cultivation financially, technically and technically, so it has become an expensive crop, this type is produced in Iran, and fresh saffron when it is dried and loses much of its weight, twenty-five kilograms of it becomes after drying only about 5 kilograms and is used Saffron in cooking, soups, tomatoes, and rice dishes. The history of cultivation of this crop dates back 3000 years and the price per gram exceeds 11 dollars.

Da Hong Pao Tea

This type of tea in the Chinese mountains rich in minerals continued for a certain period of its production and cultivation but stopped its cultivation in 2005, which led to its scarcity in the global markets and became sold in public auctions, in 2002 a Chinese person paid 28 thousand dollars in exchange for 20 grams of Da Hong Pao tea This quantity only provides 7 cups of ready-made tea, so its scarcity is what dictates the high cost of this crop.

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