The English language is considered one of the important languages, especially in pioneering conferences, seminars, and trade. You must learn it at present, especially if you are a business owner or. English is an official language in many African, Caribbean, and Asian countries, such as Nigeria, Kenya, the Philippines, Jamaica, The Bahamas, India, Singapore, Fiji, and others.

English in the Trade Sector

The English language is a very important tool in the banking and business sectors, and it is considered the official language in the largest international companies, such as the Siemens German companies, Korean Honda, Japanese Yokohama, Google and Facebook. The majority of commercial transactions are done globally in the English language, which enhances the importance of the English language in the future, in particular for those who wish to work in business and entrepreneurship. It is expected that in 2050, half of the world’s population will speak the English language, a spread that has not been achieved by a single language in history before.

English Language for Communication

There is no language more prevalent than English in the world of the internet, academic and professional sectors, communication and research sectors, and air and marine sciences. English is the official language of the International Olympic Games, the United Nations, the International Space Station, NATO, INTERPOL, and the European Union, which means that it is necessary for those who wish to work in the political and diplomatic sectors.

The English Language in the Artistic, Cultural and Entertainment Sectors

The English language can adapt, keep pace with the times, and contain foreign words from other languages, which enhances the importance of the English language and its entity in the future.