Ethanol production is one of the targeted medical preparations in the market. Establishing an ethanol factory will be an important business as ethanol is one of the important industries.

There are only few factories producing ethanol worldwide. A feasibility study must be done for this project, because this project requires capital, raw materials, and land to implement the project.

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How to Establish an Ethanol Factory

You must get to know a group of important points before implementing the project, namely:

  • A special place on a land area of ​​not less than 200 square meters, for the ease of placing machines.
  • Work sterilization and disinfection machines.
  • The materials required for work must be of a high quality.
  • Provide printing machines to print the product name, phone numbers, and production date.
  • Capital must be sufficient to cover all business requirements that you need.
  • Your medical licenses are needed too.

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Uses of Ethanol Alcohol

There are some specific uses to ethanol alcohol in our daily life and these are:

  • In the manufacture of vinegar and yeast.
  • Disinfection and sterilization of household items.
  • Sterilization and disinfection.
  • Sterilizing work devices and equipment.
  • Fuel for some engines.
  • Tinctures and alcohol.
  • General antiseptic for the mouth and cleansing.

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