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 One of the most important companies in China, through this company, you can ship your products and goods that you import to your country quickly and easily in a few minutes and days, in addition to choosing the appropriate container or container whether it is FCL or 20 feet, or 40, or 45 Apply, and through them, you can also track the route until the container has reached the port of your country.

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Establishing this company in the year 2000 with a capital of 10 billion pounds, or 7 million dollars, and additional capital of 17 million dollars and this company provides you with an advantage in the insurance value and reaches only 100 US dollars as a maximum, and the actual cost of any ton reaches 40 dollars, and this is considered The company is one of the leading import and export companies in China.

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Ship Tao Company

Ship Tao is one of the largest companies in China and the world, this company was established in Shenzhen City, which is a company specialized in collecting goods and products and then shipped to customers or merchants, and through this company, you can shop with ease and complete safety, so this company is considered the mediator of both the merchant and the customer and the company Or the factory.

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It ranks as the largest and best company in China and offers you many distinctive and unique services

This company is specialized in shipping very heavy goods, in addition to customs clearance service, as well as shipping large containers for that heavy demand, especially from the Arab countries and the Middle East countries in general.

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