Where to Sell Agricultural Fertilizers

Commercial agencies distribute fertilizers to farmers and agricultural engineers in order for each individual to obtain the appropriate fertilizer for the land, so each individual must identify the incomplete element in his soil in order to obtain it easily.

For large and well-known companies in this field and among these companies:

  • The Delta Foundation.
  • Grotek for Agricultural Development.
  • The International Center for Marketing and Trade.

We will inform you of the effects of the use of agricultural fertilizers, their types, and the elements they contain in order to facilitate the selection of the required quality of the soil.

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The Best Types of Agricultural Fertilizers

They are the basic elements that are obtained from the water, besides that these elements do not benefit the soil alone, but rather need 14 elements and must be available in the form of chemical fertilizers and they are the distinctive elements of the soil. There are two types of fertilizers, including organic and chemical, and each of the two types have a different effect on the soil and plants.

Organic Fertilizers

Bird droppings and animal manure are fertilizers that contain nitrogen, which works to accelerate plant growth. These fertilizers and dung must be in good condition and converted into fertilizer directly before use.

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Chemical Fertilizers

Including nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and mixed fertilizers, which are among the fertilizers that contain more than one important element of the soil.

The Results of the Use of Agricultural Fertilizers

Through the following:

  • It is not possible to put a lot of fertilizer during the heavy rains.
  • Not to put a high percentage of phosphates in the soil in order not to work the formation of bacteria and the emergence of algae.
  • A lack of existing oxygen, which is found in water mixed with fertilizers, especially nitrogen, which kills the marine resources found in rivers and oceans.
  • High acidity in the soil leads to a lack of essential elements in the soil.

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Types of Agricultural Fertilizers

Organic and inorganic fertilizer, which is the remains of animals, but manure, has a number of different elements from each other. In that case, organic fertilizers differ. In this article, we will get to know all the organic and inorganic agricultural fertilizers, as well as get to know the nutrients that are in them.

In order to determine the necessary elements of the soil in order not to give you counterproductive results, there are various chemical fertilizers, but the demand for them is not much because they harm the agricultural land, so we will mention many characteristics of the agricultural fertilizers and their types.

Natural Agricultural Fertilizers

Compost is one of the most important organic fertilizers. It is a number of plants and a group of animal wastes, which are the livestock manure, where they are mixed with each other and fermented in a certain way that stimulates microorganisms along with the process of activating these components quickly and after they are placed in agricultural lands, in order to benefit land and plants planted later.

The Second Type

Excellent compost, because green compost is a test of a kind of green agricultural crop in the ground in order to determine the appropriate fertilizers for this process, and one of the best fertilizers that have been tested and have a distinct result is the lupine crop, which is in the stage of vegetative growth and alfalfa clover, where its heart is made in the ground And that is by using the dump truck, which leaves the land for a period of no less than two days, and then the cultivation process is established in a natural way.

Chemical Agricultural Fertilizers

They are a number of elements or compounds that are placed in the soil and that make them lose that element that was laid out of their properties, which there are two different types of chemical fertilizers, one of which is nitrogen fertilizers and it is an essential component It consists of nitrogen elements and is concentrated in two types, including urea and ammonium.

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Phosphate Fertilizer

Suitable for solubility and phosphates is one of the most prevalent species and ammonia is also used to be suitable for solubility. In this case, there are two types of natural fertilizers and chemical fertilizers that are used in agricultural lands.

The Best Types of Agricultural Fertilizers for Trees

It is potassium because it works to delay the green growth phase. It is beneficial in the flower growing stage. In this case, the fruits have no taste, color, or smell, and this does not take the nutritional value of it.

The nitrogen component is the main element that is added in order to increase vegetative growth as it has many different benefits, including:

  • Resisting many diseases that affect trees, in which case the farm and plants are preserved from any loss to them.
  • Types of agricultural fertilizers for houseplants.
  • It consists of putting newspapers on a wide dish and distributing coffee in it. In this case, it is an organic fertilizer that is used in the cultivation of houseplants.

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