What Motivates You to Start Investing in Puerto Rico

  • Puerto Rico is trying to improve its infrastructure, and this is helping it to strengthen its economy situation.
  • There are some tax benefits. The government provides a 100% tax exemption for some types of profits, and a 90% exemption from personal property taxes to some types of companies.
  • Puerto Rico’s next financial plan includes $17 billion received from the United States, so this will noticeably improve its economy.
  • Products manufactured in Puerto Rico get the “Made in USA” sticker.

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What are the Procedures Necessary to Establish a Company in Puerto Rico?

  • Choosing the company name.
  • Choosing the company headquarters.
  • Applying for an employer ID number.
  • Applying for trader’s record.
  • Appointing a company representative.
  • Determining the activities of the company.
  • Determining the capital and the shares.
  • Signing and submitting the certificate of incorporation.
  • Appointing company directors.
  • Determining the duration of the company, either for a certain number of years, or for the end of its activity, or a permanent company.
  • Completing the tax procedures.

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