Agricultural fertilizers are among the important things that must be added to agricultural lands, in order to improve the quality of the soil, and to carry out the production process of plants, as well as improve plant growth and help it withstand weather conditions.

Sources of Organic Agricultural Fertilizers

Among the Most Important of these Sources:

  • Animal waste and a source of nitrogen sources for living organisms that are used for the soil These wastes must be in good condition and after that, they are converted to fertilizer, and this is before use.
  • Bone meal, which is the source of nitrogen, but it is slow because it contains many rare minerals that are needed by the soil.
  • The fish meal is a source of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous, which contains a group of rare elements needed by the plant and the soil, which works to spread quickly.
  • Oyster meal is a very important source of calcium, nitrogen, and other soil nutrients.
  • Green compost is an important and excellent source of adding potassium to the soil.

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Sources of Agricultural Chemical Fertilizers

It works to provide the soil and help plants to grow quickly, as the type of fertilizer used is chosen according to the type of soil, and it is made from chemical fertilizers:

  • Nitrogen fertilizers obtained from industrial ammonia.
  • Potassium fertilizers are potassium sulfate and potassium chloride and are among the things that are extracted from phosphate deposits.
  • Mixed fertilizers are chemical fertilizers that contain more than one component and are among the basic nutrients, including phosphorous, potassium, and nitrogen.
  • Secondary fertilizers contain a group of important elements needed by the soil along with sulfur, calcium, and magnesium.
  • Phosphorous fertilizers are obtained from calcium phosphate and from which rock and phosphate bones are extracted.

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How to Use Agricultural Fertilizers

The use of fertilizers and there are many ways in which crops are used. In the beginning, a soil examination must be done to determine the non-existent element to choose the type of fertilizer that is used in the soil whether it is solid or liquid.

Using ammonia fertilizers and diluting them with water and this is in the case of using liquid fertilizers. As for using solid fertilizers, they are in the form of powder or granules that are sprayed in the soil, but liquid fertilizers are the ones that are used in a large way for easy distribution in the soil.

Pesticide Companies

Companies can sell all agricultural pesticide products and fertilizers, which have a very important role in developing land cultivation throughout the country.

Searching for Pesticide Companies

They specialize in the sale of agricultural pesticides and fertilizers in Egypt so that individuals can protect agricultural lands from exposure of plants to different types of damage, or exposure to various agricultural diseases. Also protect plants from exposure to harmful pests that lead to crop destruction, and all farmers are interested in obtaining the best types of pesticides that protect their plants from damage, and there are many owners of agricultural lands or projects from farmers contracting with these export-oriented companies to buy crops, and for this, we find that they are looking for quality agricultural products.

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The Most Important Pesticide Companies in Egypt

Nile Wadi Company for Agricultural Development

It can provide the requirements for agricultural production by importing agricultural pesticide materials from the largest companies in the world, and this company provides the best types of agricultural pesticides to Egyptian farmers, and it also provides stimulants for plant growth, fertilizers, and excellent fertilizers.

Kafr El Zayat Company for Pesticides and Chemicals

It specializes in the production of a very large number of agricultural pesticides and health products, and the company continues to develop its products with an interest in the production of pesticides that protect the environment, and the general health of individuals.

Arab Company for Agricultural Materials, Import, and Export

Its products are characterized by being of a high quality, great effectiveness, and now this company has become the largest company in Egypt in the production of these seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides, this company holds the bridge of agencies from international companies.

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United Agricultural Development Company

Founded in 2003 and specialized in the field of agricultural supplies, it is a company that produces agricultural pesticides, fertilizers, and seeds for all tools related to agricultural lands. This company has an important role in developing agricultural activities in general.

Definition of Agricultural Pesticides

A mixture of several substances found in the environment, so that we can kill harmful pests that affect crops.

Agricultural pesticides are chemicals that repel pests and prevent their reproduction.

The increase in the percentage of agricultural production, which led to its expansion very quickly, and its intensive manufacture.

Agricultural pesticides in all areas of agriculture made it one of the causes of environmental pollution, even though it had achieved great success in pest control, and its complete elimination.

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Benefits of Agricultural Pesticides

Eliminating all kinds of disease that affect plants, pesticides can fight insects, save farmer’s money and effort to eliminate agricultural pests. This is why they have spread widely among all farmers.