Saucito Mine – Mexico

The Saucito Mine in Mexico is one of the largest silver mines in the world, with about 22 million ounces of silver annually. Th is mine is owned by a company called “Fresnelo” and it is located about 60 km northwest of Zacatecas State in Mexico. The age of the mine is estimated to be about 12 years. This company also owns gold mines.

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Escobal Mine – Guatemala

This mine is located in the southeast of Guatemala, about 40 km southeast of Guatemala City. Tahoe takes over the mining of this mine. Mining operations started at this mine in 2013, and it produces about twenty million ounces per year.

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Ducat Mine – Russia

The company “Polymetal” runs the mining activities in this mine, which is the largest producer of silver and the second largest producer of gold in Russia. This company manages nine silver and gold mines in Russia and Kazakhstan, and is headquartered in Saint Petersburg.

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Cannington Mine – Australia

The CanningtonMine is located in northwest Queensland. This mine, owned and operated by BHP, was discovered in 1990, and production began in 1997. Lead and zinc are also mined here.

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Antamina Mine – Peru

In addition to silver, some other metals such as copper, zinc, and molybdenum are extracted from this mine. This mine is located in the Andes, 270 km north of Lima, Peru.

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Peñasquito Mine – Mexico

The Peñasquito mine is located in the northeastern part of Zacatecas in Mexico. “Goldcorp” owns this multi-metal mine that contains gold, silver, lead and zinc. Production in this mine started in 2010.