All Google, Facebook, Apple, and Instagram programs have a large field in front of the Silicon Valley market for slaves, and this is from the presence of a set of advanced applications that are distributed through sales and purchases, and it is one of the easy works that people in the Gulf buy and agree to, so that there is an investigation carried out the secret to BP C Arabi revealed it, and Kuwait is doing a violation of the laws, which is local and international, especially in the work of control in slavery. He mentioned that sometimes a Kuwaiti woman offered her daughter for sale so that a shock occurred to many of the followers on these programs, which was done. The girl was transferred to her homeland and is rich in Africa, and after doing many investigations, an official summons to many accounts was made via social media, the sale of domestic workers can be used as slaves.

Silicon Valley Slave Market

A group of women worked to activate the # on the Silicon Valley slave market and worked to provide transportation and sales services, which told one of the institutions that there are individuals who are identified who receive these offers and can receive orders that remove these ads from the sites that are available such as These ads are what they were forced to sign a legal agreement in order not to participate in these activities on the programs.

It is clear that many people make accounts for the sale and purchase of domestic workers, and immediately these accounts were dealt with and suspended permanently, and this is after the warning of what Instagram has been implemented in which case a set of measures were taken and this was after contacting the BBC, and they worked on confirming the removal of the content that was displayed from all applications, which is represented in Facebook and Instagram, besides, they confirmed that they could create new accounts to be used in the slave market, which is done via the Internet.

Silicon Valley Definition

Silicon Valley a valley that is concentrated in San Francisco and there are some group of advanced technologies and technology belonging to a large group of large investors in the world and they are owners of major companies such as Facebook and Instagram and Apple and they are responsible for facilitating programs and rapid response with customers, since many of the major investors in The world wants to get into that.

It is well known that it is not a simple field, as investing in Silicon Valley is hard work that requires innovation, creativity, and patience at work, for it often requires very high capital and several years in order to explore and search for all that is new in this field.