What Are the Procedures for Establishing a Company in the USA?

Choosing a company name in English.

Determining the type of company.

Bringing a copy of the passport.

A copy of the personal ID.

Obtaining the registration form.

Opening a bank account, which requires:

  • Company incorporation certificate.
  • A document from the IRS.
  • Proof of residence.

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Obtaining private licenses (if needed).

Obtaining the official documents of the company after registration.

Certification of the company’s official documents from the US Department of State.

Certification of the official company documents from your country’s embassy in Washington.

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Types of Work Visas in the United States of America

  • Short-term work visa.
  • Short-term tourist visa.
  • Treaty trade Visa.
  • Treaty investor Visa.
  • Green card (permanent residency).
  • Specialized occupation visa.
  • Temporary work visa.

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Types of Companies in the United States

One-person Company

It is established by one person who is responsible for making all the decisions of the company, and he will get all of its profits.

Trade Partnership

Personal funds and obligations are separated from the Company’s obligations. The downside is that the cost of creation of this type of companies is higher than that of other types.


There is no financial difference between personal and company funds in relation to taxes and financial decisions.

Company with Limited Shareholding

This type provides more flexibility compared to other types. Some members may have limited liability, and some may have unlimited liability, depending on state laws.

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