Management Jobs

They are the people who arrange logistical matters, manage human resources with all their employees, clear financial accounts, shipping, customs clearance, and all matters related to the regulation, control, and direction of these seaports.

Operations Research

It is the job that examines the goods, sorting, numbering, delivering, arranging, and preparing the goods for transport trucks inside or outside the country.

Information Technology

It is the employees who follow the movement of the ports completely through the continuous monitoring of the marine ships and follow the movement of ships when they leave their country and work on developing electronic devices to benefit from them by shipping.

Marine Sciences

They are the crew who work to monitor meteorological and marine meteorology from events, rain, and storms in order to facilitate the flow of ships to and from the state.

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Mechanical and Marine Engineering

They are the engineers who are engineering the seaport roads, constructing the places related to downloading and corridors, working on following up ships in terms of holidays, and working to fix them.

Marine Architecture and Shipbuilding

They are the important person in the seaports, who follow all the developments of infrastructure, including concrete, as well as in shipbuilding and how to deal with it.

Information Services

They are employees in the public services department, who serve all people, including information, inquiries, appointments, taxes, and all matters related to port information that you can only get for your business.

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