According to some statistics, from 2014 to 2023, sales of international trade worldwide will grow by about 246 percent. So, if you have not already started international shipping, you should use these increasing numbers of overseas customers to double your profits.

Here are some basic rules for taking advantage of the growing opportunities to sell internationally:

Know the International Demand for Products

Decide how to send the goods to different countries by answering the following questions: What is the order quantity for your product? Will you be subject to tax in that country? And of what value? What customs regulations will affect your product? For example, if your company sells expensive leather jackets to a country that charges $100 dollars in tax per jacket, your customers may be charged customs duties equal to the value of the product. This may make your product too expensive for your target market.

Use Shipping Cost Calculation Sites

Different international shipping companies and post parcel companies serve different countries and customers according to their needs. Using shipping sites and websites that evaluate shipments and provide the user with an approximate value allows the user to search all available international options and see complete shipping cost estimates. Many shoppers will only purchase if they are aware of the total cost, including shipping charges.

You’d Better Pay the Shipping Fees

If you know the shipping fees applicable to international shipping to different countries, it is better that you pay it instead of the buyer. This reduces the chances of goods being suspended at customs and reduces unpleasant surprises for your customers. Of course, in return, you will have received the value of these fees in advance. Because you can add them to the price of the products.