The procedures for registering for a trademark passes through four basic stages and each stage is different from the second, and in this article, we will explain to you these stages in detail.

 Deposit Accurately

  • Fill out the deposit form, which was designed by the Ministries of Trade and Industry
  • Attach five copies of the trademark in addition to the company license
  • After preparing the filing file, this file is delivered to the headquarters of the Ministries of Trade and Industry, and you are given a filing number to return to the ministry for review and you must be a keeper of the date of the request of the utmost importance.

 Continuous Examination

After submitting the documents required by the owner of the mark, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Commercial Registration Department’s division, will search. Is this trademark imitated or similar to other trademarks? Three decisions are made, they are:

  • Approval of the trademark without conditions
  • Approval of the trademark with conditions
  • Brand rejection
  • In cases of rejection or approval under conditions that the trademark owner can submit a grievance request against the decision of the Ministry’s Commercial Registration Authority.


After approval of the trademark, the company is required to advertise in the official and local newspapers. The purpose of this announcement is to inform others that this mark is the property of the declared company and on what has an objection to that.

registered with the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the protection of marks used in the markets


After completing the stage of objecting to the trademark, if no one submits the objection to the Ministry of Industry and Trade accordingly, a certificate is issued to the owner of the trademark that includes all the relevant data, which is the data for the institution and a copy of the trademark, and the owner of this trademark is granted a protection period of 10 years from the date. The mark is deposited and after that, the owner obtains a certificate proving that and the owner maintains this certificate in his institution and inquires about all commercial matters of the company and import and export as well, and this mark is a title deed that no person could imitate or falsify and whoever does that is subject to the legal accountability of the .state

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