In order to get profit from the internet, it is possible to create a blog and link an AdSense account to it in order to earn a lot of money, for this your dream will be true because we provide you with simple and fast ways to help you implement the AdSense service without any problem. As many of people face problems in the registration process, but through this article, we will assist you in doing the Blog AdSense work, we will answer all your questions and help you in revealing the business secrets through the AdSense service only It is necessary to follow the article and learn all that is new in the field of profit From internet and AdSense services.

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Google AdSense Service

The oldest networks that have been published through the internet sites and it is the only service that facilitates the process of providing ads and contributed to organizing the work in it, through which double profits are obtained and that is on clicks, for this and without thinking many people resort to it and they choose the service at once, and from Among many businesses there are many ways to take advantage of Google AdSense services where ads can be done in all ways. The account can be linked-to websites and can be linked to YouTube and finally the blog where it is activated, but you must follow the correct methods that help to carry out the task successfully and the AdSense account remains in security, this is why Google AdSense policies must be known and accepted, and implementation of a blog linked to Google AdSense be implemented.

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Blog and its Relationship to AdSense

Through the ads that are placed on the page, in order to subscribe to Blogger AdSense and start earning profits, the following steps must be taken:

  • Log in to the blog, and at the top of the page, click on the down arrow.
  • Click on the blog from which ads will be displayed.
  • You will see click on profits and subscribe to AdSense.
  • Choose an email that is associated with your blog account, fill out the form submitted by AdSense to create the account.
  • The required data, and the accuracy should be taken into consideration when placing it and placing your phone number, and clicking Send.
  • Automatically move to the blog in order to finish work in the event of no transfer, press Forward.
  • Blog AdSense was created through which you can display ads, share ads, and earn profits from the blog, so we will inform you about how to place ads on the blog.

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Show Ads Between Your Posts

  • Log in to the blog.
  • Click the arrow in it and point it down.
  • Click on the blog from which the ad will appear.
  • Click on the word Format and Post based on the form.
  • Blog posts and be within the text attribute, click on Modify.
  • Blog posts, and within the main click to edit.
  • Profit will appear next to the ads in the posts.
  • Ad format, colors, and how ads appear.
  • Click the Save button.

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