Create a list for everything that comes to your mind, but you must be this list about fun and entertainment, this site pays the book 100 US dollars per article but it is required that the number of article words is more than 1500 words, in addition to your list not less than ten basic elements, This site is distinguished by your ability to attach your blog link to the article.

The Greater Good

Specialized in publishing articles specialized in health, beauty, family, and business attached to scientific evidence, and the main pillar of this blog is luxury, happiness, and comfort. The main articles in this blog are $625 and $75 for general books.

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Cosmopolitan is always looking for bloggers to share the blog with their experiences, funny, crazy, exciting and famous works, and bloggers are paid on one article 100 US dollars, and the article is required to be more than 800 words, and this blog is distinguished by putting the blogger’s names on the article.


Topics related to parenting, as it focuses on the funny and cruel aspects of the mother and the like, and the owners of this site always search for new and qualitative ideas by writing articles and reports, and they pay for regular articles $ 100, and unique, qualitative, distinctive articles that are studied very carefully to reach more than 550 Dollars per article, and the beautiful feature of this site is to share all of your writing works by attaching them to the article in the form of links.

Drop Zone

It is related to training, jumping, safety equipment, and other similar subjects. Your share of one article reaches 100 dollars, in addition to your experiences and skills in the process of writing and writing well for them.

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Model Railroad Hobbyist

The site provides you with an opportunity to write and blog for them, and the value of one article in this site reaches 230 dollars, and if the article is very good and studied with great care and high and is supported by photos, videos, graphics, and others, the value of this article reaches more than 700 dollars and sometimes it is worth 1000 dollars and this article is characterized by attaching a picture to the article author, With sharing a link to his personal blog in the article.

Transitions Abroad

Topics related to work and external study and the value of the detailed article reach 150 dollars or more, while for regular articles it amounts to 50 dollars.

A Transition Abroad are interested in writing lessons, training, and educational courses about building and designing websites, and accepts lessons in the form of videos. The minimum on this site is $ 100, and the maximum is $400. This site is characterized by adding a detailed profile of you as a content writer.

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WOW! Women on Writing

Women are employed in it and this blog focuses on topics of publishing, writing and reading, journalism and the like, for example practical advice on how to write creative and others. The value of one article sometimes reaches $ 150 per article and provided that it is 3000 words, and $ 50 for regular and short articles.

 Flash Mint

He specializes in animation, action, flex, and other similar topics and pays writers and bloggers $150 per article, with some of the blogger’s lines shared, in addition to his special links.

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