Many of us can take advantage of ourselves through the work of blogs or other websites that are designed to profit from them and because the world has become home to due to the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, our business platform will show you the important and necessary steps for profit through the work of blogs.

 Create a Blog

You must create the blog and register it in your name or in the name of the field you are working on and choose the appropriate field for this blog, whether it is cooking, technology, business, trade, or the like.

 Provide Unique Content

The main pillar of profit from blogs is the selection of addresses that suit search engines, and you must follow the first topics that readers request through Google and write them according to your field of specialization and creativity in writing.

Attract Readers to Your Blog

Whatever you provide is attractive and distinctive content in quality, the more the number of readers, you must be clear in writing through easy methods. In addition, you should focus on the keywords in your article during the writing process and it is considered one of the important steps in making profits on your blog.

 Share and Interact with your Readers

As a blog owner and author, you must fulfill the readers ’wishes and build a relationship with them, whether by responding to them, their inquiries or comments, interacting with them, and receiving suggestions and complaints from them.


Advertising is one of the best and most important ways to reap profits. The greater the importance and desire of a blog, the greater the profit, and the advertiser becomes more susceptible to your advertisement.

Commission for Links

This is the way in which owners of companies and e-commerce add purchase links to the most popular and popular blogs, and if the purchase is made by you, you will get a commission for that.

Monthly Membership

You can open memberships for readers through monthly subscriptions for an amount of money. Membership varies according to their arrangement and the features offered to their owners.

 Sell ​​Products on Your Blog

By offering appropriate products to readers and the products they need and then providing product delivery services and providing specific methods of payment, whether through credit cards or the like.

 The Provision of Services

It is a display of products or anything related to matters of clerical services, training, or contribution to providing a service to subscribers for a small amount of money.

Organizing and Managing Events

Through your blog managing a specific event in the country, whether it is conferences or festivals for money, you will get them after the administration and organization of this event by those responsible for this event.

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