Pine has been known since ancient times, and I found traces indicating that the ancient man was using it in his food, as it was found in the tombs of the pharaohs and on their tables, as was known by the Romans and the Greeks, and mentioned in their written effects and mentioned in their antiquities, as mentioned in the books, and dealt with in Arabic medicine books It has overflowed with its benefits as food and medicine, as it is a rich source of vegetable protein.

The pines are located in the western, southern, and eastern mountains of North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe, the height of trees reaches 60 meters.

The Most Important Types of Pine in Trade

  • Halabi pine: or what is known as the “saint” pine, which is spread in the gardens of Damascus.
  • Canary, Silver and Marine Pine.
  • Scottish pine.
  • Black pine, nicknamed Austrian pine, is a good source of seed production.
  • Corsican Pine.
  • Siberian pine.

The Commercial and Industrial Importance of Pine

  • Its wood is distinguished by its integrity, strength, rigidity, and interference in many wood industries, whether it is furniture, offices, or the like.
  • Using the pine tree for many industrial purposes, and this gives a golden value in the field of trade.
  • In addition to that, many industries that are related to the field of nutrition and other materials such as gum and turpentine oil, which is used for many and various medical purposes, the manufacture of ointments, adhesive in plaster, waxes, fatty oils, rubber, sulfur, phosphorus, and varnish, and is used in the application of wood for this. All fields of industry are also used in medical and therapeutic benefits. This means that pine trade is one of the most profitable and valuable trades in the world.

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