Incoming Shipment

It represents the goods that come from the seller to the facility or the warehouse of the buyer.

Outgoing Shipment

It represents the goods that come out of the facility or the warehouse of the seller.

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Blind Shipping

The charging process in which the identity of the sender and the receiver is unknown to each other.

Multimodal Transport

When you use more than one means of transportation to ship the goods, such as sea or air transport.

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Insurance Certificate

A document issued by the insurance company confirming that the shipment is insured by them, and includes the name of an agent to communicate with at the destination.

Certificate of Origin

A certificate issued by the Chamber of Commerce confirming the origin of the goods, and is sometimes required for customs clearance.

Dangerous Goods

Goods that are classified as dangerous because of their nature, such as gases and other flammable materials.

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It is a fine imposed when containers are kept for a period longer than agreed on.

Bonded Warehouse

Warehouses that are subject to customs control in which goods or transit shipments are kept pending customs clearance.

Evaluation Warehouses

Warehouses in which samples of imported goods are taken for examination and analysis.