Bitcoin BlockChain Bank is one of the most famous banks that deal in this currency. Registering with BlockChain Bank and opening an account in it is one of the easiest banks and you can withdraw your balance on it from any company that deals with Bitcoin currency. You can also deal directly with the electronic banking intermediary located online, and in this article will go through the steps to register and open a Bitcoin account:

The First Step

The bank must be accessed through its link, which is

The Second Step

After entering the link from the bank you will find a page to create an account or a new wallet in the BlockChain bank in order for you to receive Bitcoin currency you must enter your email and password.

The Third Step

It must be sure that the passcode is correct and that it is good and safe, i.e. it consists of letters and numbers in the English language, and then choose to continue i.e. complete and click on it.

After completing these steps, you will see an important page with a very important sentence, which is the only key for your password and your account in the BlockChain bank, and it should be kept away from anyone and preferably in a special external paper and you should not keep it on the computer or the e-mail You to ensure confidentiality.

The Fourth Step

After these procedures, click on the word Continue, and then you will find the bank opens the login page for you automatically and you will find a confirmation message in your email to activate the account, you will find a link and link for activating your email and “Confirmation Code” which is the code that you will write when withdrawing Deposit in your e-wallet, keep it with the rest of the previous information.

The Fifth Step

After the previous steps, you will find a link to activate your email on your mail, click on it, and the bank will refer you to a confirmation page, and this will confirm the email successfully, click on the word Login Now, the login page for your BlockChain bank account will appear and you will find the login name automatically.

The Sixth Step

Register your password and enter your account in the bank, after that you will find your home page started and you will find your code at the bottom of the page, keep it as it is your code and you will use it with the rest of the companies that deal with electronic currency (Bitcoin) to receive money on it, and thus has been completed And activate Bitcoin digital currency account.

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