The Saudi industry faces many industrial obstacles, especially in the weak ability to market Saudi products and goods to Arab and international markets as well. In this article, we will explain to you the most important obstacles to an industry facing Saudi Arabia:

 Adhere to the Required Specifications, Standards, and Quality

Restriction in the world of industry is one of the most serious obstacles facing industries because the industry depends on the creativity, development, and creation of new products if only the quality and the required standards are measured. This indicates a lack of development and creativity in the sea of ​​industry.

High Production Costs

The increase in production costs is one of the things that hinder the export process, especially the Arab countries, because the higher the production costs, the higher the price of the product. Therefore, higher production costs are important and it is considered an important issue in the Saudi industry’s obstacles. This is due to the low level of technology and productivity in the Arab countries in general and Saudi Arabia.

 Limited National Markets

The abbreviation for the local and Arab markets indicates the decline of industry anywhere in the world, so it is better than the scope of markets be expanded from Arab to global so that it is not an obstacle to the Saudi industry.

Great Competition in Global Markets

Competition is one of the obstacles facing Saudi industry, so it must be relied on that the industry exported from Saudi Arabia be of the highest quality and best prices because there are many similar industries in the world, and that singularity in the industry gives priority to the state to be a strong competitor in the global and international markets.

 Technical Acceleration not Accelerated

We have become in the era of speed and technology, and we must be with the development of technologies in all the products and industries that we produce and manufacture, so it is important that we focus on the factor of development, speed, technology, and modern technologies so that technological development does not become an obstacle to a country like Saudi Arabia.

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