For the Consumer

It contributes to realizing the factors and all influences that affect its purchasing and consumer behavior that make it buy and consume this commodity or service, as well as enabling it to reflect on the purchase process, and its consumption of goods and services by asking questions what to buy?, And how does he get this product or service?

Business Administration Students

It is the foundation upon which the modern marketing process is based, and therefore this study is very useful to them, since they are the facilitators of commercial and industrial institutions in the future, as well as benefiting them in understanding the relationship between psychological, social and environmental factors that affect the life of an individual’s behavior, and pushes them to the decision to purchase, or a specific behavior towards Goods and services offered from them.

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For Commercial and Industrial Establishments

The changes taking place in tastes and lifestyles and technological, educational and industrial progress, the interest of commercial and industrial institutions have become a great concern for the study of consumer behavior, as well as marketing men, in particular, for their need for information, data and statistics on consumers and their decision and purchasing behavior, also benefit commercial and industrial institutions in many aspects, including:

  • The planning process for what must be produced in quantity and type of products and goods to take into account their desires and needs, taking into consideration their tastes, motivations, and potentials.
  • Selecting the elements of the marketing mix as well as discovering the available marketing opportunities.
  • Selection of priority, in addition to embodying the priorities of spending and distributing the available resources in the correct way that guarantees the institution to achieve sufficient profits, as well as the continued growth and expansion of the institution.

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The reasons that led to increased interest in studying consumer behavior

It was in the past with ease and ease that you can identify the buyers because of their proximity to the production sites, but today the matter is completely different due to the development of the fields, trends and behaviors of the consumer as a very broad marketing system, and we will mention in this article the most important reasons and factors that led to an increased interest in studying consumer behavior.

 Products and Goods in Stock

Goods that have not been met with any popularity by consumers because of the short life of goods and products, as well as the great failure to produce such products and then download them to the markets without any studies of consumer behavior in addition to not taking into account their needs and preferences, and not taking into account the purchasing power of the consumer.

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Consumer Protection Associations

The producing and marketing companies provide their best products to consumers, which has led to an increased interest of marketers in studying consumer behavior in order to provide goods and services in quantities, qualities, and appropriate competitive prices in addition to the quality required by the consumer.

Spread on Global Markets

The growing need of companies to spread in the global markets, in addition to this careful study of these markets, and to identify the characteristics of consumers of these global markets

 Correct Marketing Concept

By entrepreneurs and businesses, and the consumer has become an essential link, its needs, behavior and all dealings with purchasing decisions must be understood.

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In order to achieve its goals and set its targeted and effective marketing, promotional, and advertising strategy through modern marketing concepts, and focus on consumer behavior until the organization achieves its strategic goals.

Statistical Methods

The rapid and recent development contributed to the analysis of statistical methods, data analysis as well as data processing in facilitating the process of searching for consumer behavior in addition to analyzing and comparing them to know all the changes that occur on consumer behavior.

The Importance of This Sector to the Individual

Development in this sector forced all companies and commercial institutions, whether financial or tourism, and other institutions to conduct many studies that enable consumers to purchase in the targeted and available markets.

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