It means the target person in the process of purchasing products and goods, and he is the first and last recipient of all the services available in the markets, and many studies indicate that consumer behavior is based on two factors (direct and indirect), in order to demand and buy goods, and in this article, we will show you the most important factors affecting the consumer’s purchasing decision.

Internal Factors

These factors are divided into several sections, including


Motivations are one of the most important internal factors, and marketing men will direct the awareness and focus of the individual on the purchase of a specific commodity, or by receiving a service for a material wage, and these incentives clarify the extent of the difference and the difference between individuals, according to each person and his needs for goods, services, products, and others.

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This awareness differs from one person to another, and the awareness process organizes and interprets some purchasing influences that would convince one of a specific brand, product or service, and awareness is considered one of the most important reasons that attract the consumer to the process of buying, choosing this commodity, and the ability to make a correct and appropriate choice among them.


The consumer acquires a lot of information and experiences by reading books and magazines and exposure to some situations that affect the decision to purchase, as well as affecting his choice of appropriate decision to separate between many products and commodities offered in the market, and the consumer usually chooses goods and products based on information and experiences, and considerations contribute to Personal greatly influencing the consumer purchasing decision.

External Factors

External factors are divided into two general and direct factors.

The Public

The circumstances surrounding consumers, for example, customs, traditions, values ​​and cultures, and these factors differ from one person to another, as well as from one community to another, and this is reflected in the culture and values ​​of prevailing societies, and symbolized by their consumer behavior, so marketing men focus on general factors and rely on these factors, It is known that any change that occurs, whether on the culture or customs and traditions of society, is directly reflected in the significant change in the marketing process, as well as through which social groups can be divided into people according to their steady income.

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Its ability to influence the values ​​and trends of the consumer’s purchasing decision, as well as what the individual sees from a young age for his older family members, in addition to the influence of reference universities in the concept of purchasing, which plays an important role in the purchasing process, as well as the social group to which the individual belongs, and the groups that The consumer belongs to it, which greatly influences the decision to purchase and the choice of the commodity. Among the most prominent direct factors affecting opinion leaders, in addition to the visual and audio means, credibility, and high accuracy in the specifications of each product, this works to attract consumers to make the appropriate purchasing decision.

Purchasing Decision-Making Methods

The Solution

The consumer is aware of the differences in brands in the markets, but he is not aware of the characteristics and advantages of each of them, therefore he exerts all his energies by seeking to obtain this information, and the degree of interest of the consumer is based on the amount allocated to the purchase process, as well as the amount of psychological, financial, and boasting of the product, Marketing men should be aware of decision-makers and learn about the information and resources needed to evaluate all available alternatives to make the appropriate decision for that. This is to design a good advertising campaign and build effective and new communication strategies in order to direct the desired goals of the institution.

Medium-Term Solution

By collecting the information that he needs, in order to be used in medium-priced goods such as household appliances and services provided by hotels, the consumer here is usually very interested in the purchase process, and he does not have sufficient information about the offered brands because he is not familiar with all the available and available alternatives, and when a process is completed Purchasing by the consumer, he receives much additional information related to the purchase process, in which case he is forced to find justifications to support his purchasing decision and reduce the internal psychological conflict, so marketing men should realize this and work to reduce the risks of buying surrounding him, by designing campaigns.

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Limited Purchase

Situation The consumer is fully aware of the product because he may have purchased it before, so the purchase process does not require much time to make a decision, and does not need much information, only passes the stage of evaluating the available alternatives, and the degree of risk of this decision is very low, and the process of choosing between alternatives does not require A great time, and here the role of promotional activities highlights that it has a great impact in stimulating the buying process, and providing information and data about the offered goods is very important in marketing strategies, especially with this type of purchasing decision-making methods.

Routine Solution Method

Buying products and daily commodities This method is considered one of the simplest types because it is carried out in a continuous and continuous manner and does not realize the differences between the brands in the market and the process of making a purchase decision that is fast and concise, and usually the price of the product or goods is low To provide these products and goods continuously to consumers at an acceptable and appropriate price and to stimulate sales in the shops has a great role in developing the number of consumers of the brand and loves encouraging the consumer to buy these products.

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