It is the industry that relies mainly on humans and machines so that it can produce large quantities of them and on a larger scale and it is mechanical transfers of organic or inorganic materials and is also known as the conversion of raw materials that are not usable or consumed into products of great importance and things that are usable and enter into the manufacturing industries and the presence of specifications. The goods that result from the manufacturing process are enjoyed, for example, by handicrafts, and manufacturing industries differ in terms of the products that are made by fabricating the primary manufactured materials.

Importance of Manufacturing Industries

First: It has a major role in the development of the economy in the countries of the world and this reflects to achieving growth in the economic sectors sustainably.

Second: The manufacturing industry has positive roles in increasing GDP.

Third: Increased exports and innovation, and also works for social welfare.

Fourth: It poses a major challenge in the business sectors of the world.

Fifth: Contribute to providing qualified and skilled manpower that suits the requirements of manufacturing industries.

Requirements for Growth in Manufacturing

First: Using raw materials and converting them to another form.

Second: making use of all available materials with the best means.

Third: The volume of market demand is one of the important things for the growth of industries.

Fourth: Capital is a basic requirement for the growth of the manufacturing industry.

The Most Important Manufacturing Industries of Our Time

  • Aircraft industry
  • The textile industry
  • Detergent industry
  • Plastic industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Glass industry
  • Paper industry
  • The garment industry
  • Manufacture of explosives