Tomato paste is used in household uses as well as in cooking and preparing food, as well as in industrial processes such as making ketchup and tomato sauce.

The Difference Between Tomato Paste and Tomato Sauce

Method of Preparation

Tomato paste is cooked for a long time in the presence of a little water, but in the case of tomato sauce, you do not need to cook it for a long time, and the amount of water used increases.


Tomato paste is concentrated, and the sauce is less concentrated.

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Spices, herbs, and flavors

Tomato paste is free of any additives, but the tomato sauce contains some flavors of herbs such as basil and other flavors.

The Stages of Producing the Best Tomato Paste

Receipt of Tomatoes

Trusted dealers and suppliers are handled to ensure safe and high-quality tomatoes.

Washing Tomatoes

It is well washed to remove contaminants and soil

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Sorting is done to get rid of rotten fruits or fruits that have any agricultural pests, to obtain high-quality fruits to produce the best tomato paste.

Juice Concentration

Heat filtered tomato juice at 180 to 185 degrees.

Heating and Cooling

Concentrated tomato juice is packed in glass bottles, well heated, and then cooled to eliminate bacteria.


The filling is carried out in glass jars after sterilization, and then closed and the containers are inverted for several minutes to raise their acidity.

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Companies Producing Tomato Paste

What distinguishes companies from each other is the quality of production. Among the best companies producing tomato paste are the following

Rousau Company and the advantages of its products include

  • Red color.
  • Homogeneous textures.
  • The tomato flavor is free from any additional flavors.
  • Concentration 38%.
  • The pH is between 4,5 and 12,5ph.
  • Acidity <12.5%.
  • Free from bacteria, microorganisms, and pathogens.
  • The shelf life is two years from the date of production.

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Industries Using Tomato Paste

  • Tomato paste is used in making other types such as tomato sauce and ketchup as follows
  • By reducing the concentration of tomato paste and adding flavors such as garlic, basil, and some other flavors.
  • Reduce focus and add sugar and some flavors.