The huge agricultural projects Egypt is working on with the help of the state itself to achieve abundant profit through it or export crops by converting them into food products. In this article, we will learn about the most important major agricultural projects in Egypt.

 Fiber Crops

The quality is one of the largest and major projects in Egypt. One of the most important of these crops is cotton, which is cultivated and produced and then exported to the world. It is original and very old cultivation from the era of the Pharaohs. This projects because the world needs it.

 Protected Agriculture Projects

Protected projects have an important consideration since they need large areas in Egypt and are considered one of the large agricultural projects in terms of the area of ​​agriculture, such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and other crops. This is exported to Arab and international markets.

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Fodder is grown in the winter in large quantities. Examples include the Egyptian clover, which is considered one of the most widespread agricultural crops in Egypt, especially in the Nile River and its delta. The cultivation area for fodder is a million and a quarter acres at the level of Egypt.


The main crops in Egypt are used to extract sugar and grow in large areas around the Nile River, concentrated in this region because of the high temperatures and are considered one of the basic elements for the growth of sugar crops and distinguish the Arab Republic of Egypt with this project, which is exported after its production to the countries of the Middle East.

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All Kinds of Grains

Rice is one of the agricultural crops that extends its cultivation to more than half a million acres and occupies the second position of exports in Egypt. Likewise, Egypt is one of the largest producers of rice in Africa. What helped expand these projects is the construction of the High Dam in Egypt. The third place in the cultivation of crops and the cultivation area of ​​wheat is estimated at 600,000 acres at the level of Egypt. As for corn, this is produced in large quantities and on large areas in Egypt and used to feed livestock and poultry.


Many legumes such as beans, beans, lentils, bulgur, and the like They extend to large areas in their production. These projects are cultivated in rural cities. Egypt is one of the important and large countries in producing these legumes.

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