You have to have a high ability to master the skill of negotiation, persuasion, and dialogue, as this is one of the most successful means that takes you to the world of trade and sale, it greatly affects the customer’s psyche, whether it is a negative or positive effect, so you must choose good words and phrases in the marketing process so that you can attract The customer at high speed.

Many of the words and phrases that you can use to convince customers of purchases, products, and prices In this article, we will present them with the 10 most important phrases to attract the customer to the purchase process, and convince him to make the decision to buy directly.


It has a significant impact and effect on customers, despite its frequent use, but it has become one of the best words in attracting customers, this word is believed by the conscious mind despite the hidden deception behind this word, so despite that, the customer comes out of the curiosity and curiosity he has, and maybe beneficial to him, in addition To that, simple free gifts such as T-shirts, hats, perfumes or the like can be given to encourage the customer to make the purchase decision, as customers always prefer free gifts even if they are simply because they feel safe and feel special.

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People want to buy exclusive and distinctive products, goods and services available only for a specific group of people, and this word meets their specific needs from behind, and you can exchange the word exclusively, with a word for members with us only, or for the first time, it is put on the market.

Limited Offer

The terms through which you can attract customers to buy, which are limited offers, for example, only for the first 100 people will get a package with us for free.

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It has a wide impact on sales operations, and it has the effect of attracting customers, large companies, commercial establishments, and stores that use them, and who among us does not like good deals at a cheaper price?


The authenticity of the product has become required and attracts the customer, therefore it is through this word that you can bring customers, as guarantees of the commodity, so that they can buy the commodity, or reassuring terms (this commodity is valid for 5 years).

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Better and Better

It has a great impact on the customer’s eye, and in this case, it must be honest with the customers, especially in its use and importance, and not to deceive people of its importance and use of it.

The Importance of Getting this Product: The Reasons

The reasons that explain to them the importance of obtaining this product or service and these words attract them to hear the reasons, explanations, and benefits that this product will offer to customers.


Make many comparisons before the purchase process. You can use these comparisons between the offered products and the competing products in terms of quality, price, and ease of use. This comparison makes it easier for customers to make purchases.

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