Arabian Horses are among the best horses in the world, and they are characterized by many things, including originality, endurance, patience, hardship potential, the beauty of appearance, grace, and the Arabian horse follows the light horse breed, and the most important characteristic of this horse is the head, and the high tail. The Arabian horse breed is one of the oldest breeds in the world.

Origins of Arabian Horse Breed

In the desert, Arabian horses learned patience and cruelty, and there is a very close connection between them and the life of nomadism, so they are considered some of the horses that are able to learn and obey. They were used throughout the history in wars, invasions, and equestrian, especially since Arabs are famous for all these and consider horsemanship as one of the most important skills that they trained and grew up with.

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The history of its lineage dates back to the Arabian Peninsula, but the people of the island did not care about it, and therefore there were no distinct horses and Europe and America were the forerunners in the horse trade, and they have very distinct horses.

Arabian Horse Features

  • The beauty of its colors, ranging from gray, brown, black, blond, or red
  • His little head, and his neck, which is homogeneous with the rest of his body and head, while his nose is distinct in shape, which gives him additional charm, and he has broad eyes that radiate energy and vitality.
  • In the spinal column, the number of lumbar vertebrae is less by one or two. It is known for its great speed, hardness, and resistance.

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The Importance of Arab Horse Trade in the World

In order for horses to be traded, the state must be concerned with its governmental and private sector, and it is necessary to pay attention to activities and establish championships as well as material support to the owners. And the activities and championships are those that work to develop horses significantly because this is ultimately due to the interest of the country itself.

Arab horse trade in the world has become one of the most popular and famous types of trade, due to the high demand for it, especially by the rich, the wealthy and the kings who are keen to acquire it and obtain the pure Arabian horse that has pure blood.

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