It is of semi-solid fats extracted from palm oil and is used in many varieties of baked goods and sweets, and it should not be overused because it contains a high percentage of hydrogenated oils that harm the health of the heart and arteries.

There are many important facts about palm oil that many people do not know

The First Fact

Most of the oils consumed in Egypt import more annually about 800 thousand tons every year.

It is extracted from the nucleus of dates, like olive oil, and it contains a large percentage of vitamins “E”.

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The Second Fact

It is was known 5,000 years ago.

Discovered in an ancient paranoiac cemetery in the city of Abydos.

The Third Fact

A high source of rich vitamins, most notably vitamin E, with its various elements, with anti-oxidant properties.

One of the best-selling oils, preferable in different foods.

The Fourth Fact

The amount of vitamins in it is balanced, unlike other edible oils.

 It gives manufactured products a longer shelf life than other oils.

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The Fifth Fact

Completely free from harmful oils.

It does not consist of harmful fatty acids and it is considered one of the most beneficial types for health.

The Difference Between Margarine, Butter and Shortenings


Sour milk with fast freezing fats, with added salt and other natural flavors. It is characterized by a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids so that it contains an equivalent rate of 80 percent of fat and 20 percent of water and also contains vitamins such as vitamin D and vitamin A. Palm oil is one of the most common oils in the margarine industry.

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Solid material contains 80 percent of dairy fat and 65 percent of saturated fatty acids, and does not contain any fluids and is used in the manufacture of many desserts to give it a distinctive taste.


A group of semi-solid fats used in the manufacture of bread and sometimes in different foods, to give it a beautiful and more attractive external appearance than hydrogenated vegetable oils, palm oil is an important source of shortenings.

Disadvantages of Shortenings

Doctors warn against the excessive use, especially for patients who have high cholesterol levels, so if you suffer from a chronic disease you should consult your doctor first and reduce the fat consumption as much as possible.

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