Of the popular drinks and goods that are consumed constantly in various cities, many people love to drink morning coffee, in all developing countries their only trade is the sale of coffee, where the equivalent of 2.25 cups of coffee is consumed per day and is at a global level, where it is Produce a lot of coffee around the world in the equivalent of 90% of its people, as South America is often one of the countries with the most economies due to coffee. More than one person who provides coffee in small places in order to be able to provide a distinctive life, and the city of Brazil is one of the most important and largest countries in the coffee industry as it has more than a third of the coffee in the world, and this means that the workforce in this project needs more Of the 5 million people in the world where the harvest is harvested by more than three billion coffee firms, the global economy of coffee is equivalent to $ 20 billion.

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Global Production

Among the most important commodities that have been exported in more than 12 countries, because it is one of the productions that are indispensable in all matters of life, and among the most global cities that have won the title of the best producers of green coffee are:

  • Brazil has 2.70, and Vietnam has 1.28.
  • Indonesia has 0.63, and Colombia has 0.47.
  • Ethiopia has a value of 0.37, and the state of Pure has a value of 0.33.
  • India has 0.30 and Honduras 0.28.
  • Mexico has 0.25 and Guatemala has 0.24.

The production of coffee in these developing countries will be 8.46, and this will be the best product for this year. In past years, the country of Brazil still holds the title of the best country that produces coffee globally and is distinguished by its unique types and its attractive taste.

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Coffee Economy Benefits

Get used to the internal and external economy when investing in one of the best international products, which is the coffee trade. Always, coffee is traded quickly in the markets because of its multiple benefits that benefit the body. We all know that coffee is one of the things that helps to lighten the mind and stimulate memory and has The ability to focus the mind for a long time. Coffee is a beverage circulated between people and helps them change and improve their mood for the better, which enjoys its distinctive prices that are affordable to all, for this investment matters related to coffee, whether inside or outside Egypt will remain very distinctive and ideal, and in the next stage will There will be an adjustment to all coffee prices in the world, and all of them will be uniform and suitable for everyone.

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