What Encourages You to Invest in Thailand?

Abundant Investment Opportunities

Thailand is a country rich in investment opportunities, as it ranks second among the South Asian countries and seventeenth globally on the scale of ease of doing business.

Ease of Investing in Thailand

Thailand has many modern facilities in industrial cities. The country is working to develop its infrastructure to facilitate investment on its land and to create an atmosphere of competition between investors.

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The Development of Industry in Thailand

Thailand is:

  • The world’s largest producer and exporter of rubber.
  • The world’s largest producer and exporter of sugar.
  • The largest manufacturer of hard drives.
  • Twelfth globally in the auto industry.

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What are the Requirements for Owning Real Estate in Thailand for Foreigners?

Owning a property in Thailand requires one of these conditions to be met:

  • The foreigner must be a legal resident of Thailand and must have a passport.
  • Must be an investor and must hold a passport in order to enter Thailand, with a certificate from the General Authority for the Encouragement of Investments.
  • He must be a legal person (public company, limited… etc.) with a certificate of registration for this company.
  • Must be a foreigner, who is described by the law as someone who brings in a foreign currency.

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What Documents are Required to Obtain Residency in Thailand?

  • Passport.
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Action Plan.
  • A certified copy of the work permit.
  • Bank statement.
  • Personal photos.
  • Employment contract and professional certificates (if any).
  • An original professional reference letter.

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