What Encourages You to Start Investing in St. Lucia?

  • St. Lucia has a strategic location providing easy access to North America and Europe.
  • Easy access to regional and global markets.
  • St. Louis provides a stable business environment.
  • St. Louis ranked first among English-speaking countries in the Caribbean in terms of doing business.
  • There is only a small number of procedures required to start your business.
  • Ease of obtaining building permits.
  • Ease of dealing with taxes.
  • Non-imposing foreign exchange controls.
  • A stable monetary and financial system.
  • The possibility of obtaining citizenship when investing a certain value (this value varies according to the type of investment).

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Procedures to Start a Company in St. Louis?

  • The lawyer checks the usability of the proposed name for the company.
  • Obtaining approval from the commercial registry to use this company name.
  • Registering the company in the commercial registry and paying the administrative fees when submitting documents.
  • Create a stamp for the company.
  • Obtaining the taxpayer identification number.
  • Registering as an employer at the Social Security Corporation.

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Types of Companies in Saint Lucia

Limited Liability Company

It has two types, it can either be limited by shares or limited by guarantee. It has no minimum capital. No auditor required for this type of companies.

International Business Company (Offshore Company)

It consists of one person and at least one manager. It can manage all kinds of international business. The country does not impose any taxes on this type of companies.

One-person Company

It consists of one person who bears all of its obligations and debts.

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