What Encourages You to Invest in Mauritania?

Geographical Location

The country of Mauritania has strategical location because it is located near the continent of Europe. It also borders the coast of the American continent on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. It is considered a commercial terminal through which the commercial lines between the Middle East and West Africa pass.

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Mauritania’s Fortunes

Mauritania is a country rich in mineral resources. Mauritania contains eight gold mines, and its gold reserves reach twenty-five ounces. It also contains copper mines and quantities of iron and plaster, near the capital, Nouakchott. Its reserves of iron are about 1.5 billion tons, and has about one hundred million tons of gypsum. In addition, the length of Mauritania’s coast is about 800 km, which makes it a country rich in marine resources.

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Easy Legal Procedures

Mauritania has facilitated some legal measures regarding the establishment of companies to attract the largest possible number of investors to its lands. For example, there is no minimum amount of capital required to set up certain types of companies. It also offers tax and customs exemptions to investors, and standardized concessions for both Mauritanian and foreign investors to achieve equality between them. Upon the establishment of the company, the founder is not required to display it in the official gazette.

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Investment Fields in Mauritania

Investing in the lands of Mauritania can be started in the following areas:

  • Minerals.
  • Hunting.
  • Agriculture.
  • Energy (oil, gas, and hydropower).

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