What Motivates You to Invest in Indonesia?

Rich Country

Indonesia produces oil, natural gas and coal. Indonesia ranks fifteenth in the list of the biggest oil producing countries in the world. It also ranks fifth among the countries producing natural gas. Its coal reserves exceed 680 million tons. Indonesia also produces wood and rubber, as it contains rich forests.

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Trade Relations with Other Countries

Indonesia maintains good trade relations with some countries. For example, it recently strengthened its relations with the United Arab Emirates by holding a meeting with Emirati officials to discuss strengthening economic cooperation in the fields of energy, mining and tourism.

Good Fields for Investment in Indonesia

  • Agriculture: Such as corn production and livestock.
  • Industry: Textile, food, and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Tourism: The abundance of tourist places in Indonesia makes it an ideal place to establish hotels.
  • Infrastructure: Construction of roads, ports, and water facilities.

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Types of Companies in Indonesia

  • Public Company.
  • Limited Indonesian Company.
  • Limited Foreign Company.
  • Limited Company with an Indonesian Representative.
  • Representative office.

Types of Residency Status in Indonesia

  • VITAS: Valid for one year and cannot be renewed.
  • KITAS: It can be renewed up to five years.
  • KITAB: Permanent residence you can acquire after five years of obtaining KITAS and you will be qualified for citizenship.

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