What Encourages You to Invest in Djibouti?

The Strategical Geographical Location

Djibouti enjoys a unique location because it overlooks the Strait of Bab Al-Mandab, which is an entrance to the Red Sea, and an important trade route between the African and Asian continents. It is thus considered the meeting point of international shipping lines.

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Political Stability in the Country

The country of Djibouti does not suffer from any political problems internally or with other countries. Its relations with all countries are stable. This would encourage investment in the country because politics is closely related to economy, and the stability of politics means the stability of the country’s economy. That is why we see that the value of the national currency in Djibouti is fixed in relation to the other currencies.

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The Ability to Compete in the Market

What makes the foreign investor able to create successful projects in Djibouti is the lack of competition in the market. Djibouti is one of the countries that belong to the developing world. In addition, it is rich in fish resources and contains fertile agricultural lands, which stimulates investment in the country.

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Good Infrastructure

Although it is one of the developing world countries, and it is a small country, it contains service facilities that help it to keep developing. Djibouti contains ports equipped with the latest technology, and a modern communications network.

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Governmental Facilities

The state offers a set of exemptions to grab the attention of investors towards it. Among these exemptions is the exemption from the local consumption tax on materials needed to start investment projects.