What Could Facilitate Investment in Cuba?

  • Cuba has large nickel and oil reserves, and this supports its economy greatly.
  • The government is gradually trying to develop its economy and has a positive outlook in the field of tourism.
  • In the long run, economic reforms in the country may improve efficiency and achieve growth.
  • Investments in Cuba often occupy a good position in the markets.
  • Investments in Cuba often provide guaranteed profit margin.
  • In case the embargo on Cuba is lifted, which is likely to happen, this will improve the investment opportunities.

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Information About Exporting to Cuba

  • Only public companies in the country can export.
  • Companies must obtain a license from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment.
  • Sales require some administrative procedures, similar to other countries.
  • Products and suppliers must be registered before selling products.

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Important Tips Regarding the Exporting Process

  • First, do a thorough examination of your product in the market to know the amount of demand for it.
  • Ensure that you are fully aware of all state laws regarding the sale of your product.
  • Observe Cuba’s economic situation and be sure that the target audience in Cuba already has the ability to buy your product.
  • You can reach trade partners through the Chamber of Commerce.
  • You need some documents in order to register your product.

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