Comoros Fortunes

Comoros produces vanilla, coconut oil, cloves, bananas and cinnamon. Comoros exports these products to countries such as Turkey, Singapore, and some European countries such as France, the Netherlands and Italy. Comoros is also rich in fish resources.

Investing in Comoros

  • Agricultural activities and exploitation of forests.
  • Excavation and extraction of mineral materials.
  • Establishing tourist facilities such as hotels.
  • Technological research laboratories.
  • Information and communication technologies.
  • Decentralized banks and financial institutions.
  • Traditional Industries.
  • Investing in real estate.
  • Fishing.

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Requirements of Investment in Comoros

  • The investor must provide guarantees that confirm his ability to fulfill his obligations.
  • The investor’s business must not harm the environment.
  • The investor must depend on an accounting system that complies with the law.
  • Small companies must entrust to accounting offices.
  • Submitting an application if you want to transfer money.
  • Compliance with investment regulations set by the country.

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What Does the Country Give the Investor?

  • Investors can transfer their money and profits without restrictions.
  • The country guarantees equality between foreign and domestic investors.
  • The country grants citizenship to investors on its soil as a move to attract more investors.
  • Comoros coin is linked to the euro which is a stable currency.
  • The country provides a set of customs and tax exemptions.

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