Human Resources

It is the continuous and renewed innovation and development in choosing an effective workforce within global or international institutions, in order to achieve the international goals of this company, in addition to training and developing them and evaluating their performance, and the human resource management strategy includes employment, training, development and innovation, and building relationships in all branches of the institution in the world, And the number of workers in these companies to more than 600 thousand workers for example.

  • The American Post Office Company has more than 880 thousand workers.
  • Walmart company has more than 670 thousand workers.
  • Russian Petroleum Corporation 398,000 workers.
  • General Motors Corporation: 647,000 workers.

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International Human Resource Management Requirements

Organizational, Mental, and Human Capabilities

A high level of efficiency, distinctive performance, and high ability to take appropriate decisions away from top management and the Board of Directors, due to the proliferation of the company’s branches worldwide and a large number of employees in the company.


All economic, social, and cultural systems differ according to the difference and diversity of countries in which this company is, so what requires the international human resources management to have the ability to adapt to all possible conditions and policies imposed by this company.

 Occupied Forecasting Department

Investing in all countries of the world may expose companies to high investment risks, so international human resources management must be able to predict and extrapolate about economic and political changes that occur in these companies and the impact of these changes on organizations.

 International Human Resources Management

  • Field of international operations
  • Field of export.
  • Field of international business organization

How to Choose International HRM Specialists

Its director is of the same nationality as the company, so that they do not take sides with the host country in the event of any problems in the company, and this facilitates the communication process between the top management and the board of directors because they are of the same language, religion, and customs, and there are many companies that have chosen their main employees from the same country, such as a company Massey Ferguson Canadian This facilitates the work of the company because of employees aware of the culture and language of the country, and this results in the company getting rid of the adaptation of foreign employees, and works to reduce the financial burdens incurred by the company as a result of the travel of managers and employees from their countries to the host country.

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