Many of the jobs provided by the state and companies for specializing in international business management, and each of them have different and diverse groups in responsibilities, activities, and duties, and it can work in international and local companies with very high positions and sometimes reach the top management and the board of directors, or research in the private sector, and in this article, we will mention to you the most important Jobs.

Customs and Immigration Inspectors

Investigation of persons All standards and laws pertaining to customs and immigration must be observed, and they must be properly applied in accordance with the basic principles of the law, and their average annual wages are estimated at 76,700 USD.

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Research Analyst

Identify new investment opportunities, and analyze the economic, political, and social factors that affect the commercial movement, whether inside or outside the country. In addition, research analysts work with the senior management of institutions or companies, and group managers, and the annual wages for this employee amount to $ 60,800.

Marketing Manager and Sales Representative

Relationships with suppliers, distributors, companies, institutions, merchants and customers in all countries covered by the commodity, in addition to the continuous development and maintenance in marketing and then expanding the mass base of products and expanding sales and creating many new businesses for services, goods, and manufacturing companies, the average annual salary of this employee reaches $ 74540.

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International Financial Accounting

It takes place across borders, whether for companies, private institutions, or the state, and employees in this section must be fully and sufficiently aware of international financial accounting, in addition to their awareness of international trade laws and regulations, international taxes, practices, and formal procedures. The annual salary of these employees is estimated at 65080 USD.

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