Gypsy Horses

They are some of the best horses in the world. They combine many beautiful and wonderful qualities and they are characterized by their beauty, strength, originality, along with speed.

Friesian Horse

It has great athletic and graceful abilities, as it is characterized by a highly integrated bone and muscular structure, and what many horse lovers do not know is that this wonderful breed was on the verge of extinction, as there were only 3 horses in 1913, but thanks to the centers that were prepared in the Netherlands to re-breed it, it has become one of the most common types of horses in the world.

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Morgan Horse

The best type of horses in the world in terms of huge physical integration, which makes it among the best breeds of horses on which humans depend since 1700 in many different tasks.

Marsh Tacky

Carrying the utmost difficult living conditions, along with its great endurance, it is one of the most important features of Taki horses, which are considered one of the best types of horses in the world.

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 Arabian Horses

It belongs to the Middle East region, and is distinguished by its high tail, and thus considered one of the species that is easily identifiable across the world, and it is one of the oldest horse breeds. Archaeological evidence traces the origins of Arab horses to 4,500 years. Throughout the ages, people began to consider the Arabian horse as the best type of horses in the world. its length ranges between 150 to 160 cm, and its colors also vary between gray or brown, brown, blond, or black. It is distinguished with some qualities. This type of horses is thin, its eyes are wide and its back is rich in muscles, and it has a wide chest which indicates the capacity of the lungs, which helps it to increase endurance, in addition to that it endures hunger and resists heat.

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