Industry is one of the oldest trades that a person has known and relied on to benefit from it through satisfying his basic desires and needs, but with the passage of time and development taking place in the industry, I moved from craft to machines and equipment, and through it, the industry is completed and the industry has become very important, especially in our present-day and what we are going through From the tremendous development of technology and science.

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What is Industry?

It is the process of converting raw materials into products, goods, or services and then offering them in the market, after which a person consumes them and buys them for a certain amount of money for this product or commodity.

Industry Divisions

  • Primitive industry: which depends on manpower and the capabilities and skills that a person possesses to be able to manufacture and professional them.
  • The aerial industry: It is the industry in which he loves to work and practices the industry as a hobby and relies on it as a source of livelihood and money.
  • Simple industries: These are industries that do not need large and denominated capital and depend on local products located in the same country. For example: preserving vegetables and fruits for export and sale to neighboring countries.
  • Modern industries: These are industries that depend on large capital, equipment, and machinery to be produced. Examples of large countries that depend on them are the United States of America, Japan, China, and Russia.

After the completion of the departments of industry, we come to the most important topic of the article, which is what are the ingredients of the industry, which depends heavily on it?

  • Raw materials: They are the materials through which you can produce industries and they are the primary materials in the industry such as iron, leather, and cotton.
  • Manpower: It is one of the basic foundations in the industry, even with the covenant. The machines were the manufacture of the human element, it is he who invented and innovated, and therefore there must be human resources to operate and control these machines.
  • Markets: The market is considered a link between the seller and the buyer, and it is a place for displaying products and goods so that the consumer can buy them with ease.
  • Providing the driving forces: which is renewable and non-renewable energy such as sun, air, oil, gas, and others.
  • Availability of transportation: One of the necessary means for transporting raw materials from their primary place to factories from factories to markets and this saves time and effort in transporting, importing, exporting, and selling to everyone quickly.

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