Businesses can use WhatsApp for the same reasons people use it for, it is a simple and reliable way to communicate with anyone around the world. With WhatsApp Business provided under the name “WhatsApp for Business,” you can download the application from the Google Play Store.

It is one of the secrets of the success of the marketing process, and the improvement of the process of promoting products through your use of social media, which is the most important and most widely used and widespread application in WhatsApp and has become one of the most guaranteed ways for the success of marketing operations, and the promotion of products or services for all projects, due to this. For ease of use, in addition to the increasing number of its users day after day, where according to the latest statistics, the number of WhatsApp users reached more than a billion and a half a month, and some of them use it as a way to communicate with their comrades because it is one of the cheapest social media.

How to Use WhatsApp for Business?

First Use:

Set up a business profile in WhatsApp, add a photo expressing your business, your business name, phone number, email address, website, and a short description.

Second Use:

You can create a welcome message to automatically introduce customers to your business, or save time by using quick responses to reuse answers to frequently asked questions.

Third Use:

WhatsApp message templates feature special message formats that businesses use to send notifications or customer service messages to the people who participate in the notifications. This could include the following:

  • Appointments reminders.
  • Shipping information.
  • Problem solving.
  • Payment updates.
  • Requirements

This feature can give you flexible and effective communication with your customers and increase the efficiency of your customer service, leading to customer satisfaction and greater loyalty to your business.

Marketing with a WhatsApp Account

You can make a group for your customers on WhatsApp, publish pictures of it on your products, answer your customers’ inquiries and interact with their reactions; easily and traditionally to market your product via WhatsApp in several ways.

Announcing the Activities of The Foundation Via Whatsapp

Through the creation of groups in which the customer list is added to that group with event and activity details, and a full explanation of the effectiveness features is sent, and thus the activities are announced and organized for a large number of clients.

Using Broadcast Lists

You can use the broadcast lists in the WhatsApp application to promote your products or services provided to a large number of customers, by adding fixed topics that you can use to increase the percentage of sales, and broadcast lists can include invitations and activities for the institution and its products, and this method has proven effective; Because it saves time and effort, it is also considered one of the cheapest methods of marketing via WhatsApp.

Use the Free Messaging Service

The time for the advantages of that service is to send an unlimited number of text or voice messages, in addition to the ability to attach many different forms of media, including pictures and videos, in addition to sharing web pages, and can reach local customers, and even reach customers outside the country, and you can use this feature for free without paying for, which made it one of the most used services in the marketing process successfully.

Use Group Chat

Chat groups are one of the best ways to discuss market conditions and study the factors of the success of the marketing process, besides, to follow the developments of production and administrative processes and processes for marketing and advertising and promoting products and services easily, and through the use of chat, groups can directly share ideas, get feedback, and discuss issues Work smoothly.

Using Marketing Companies via WhatsApp

As there are many marketing companies, which organize advertising campaigns through the application WhatsApp at a low cost, enables you to reach a large number of users to promote the products and services offered by your company.

WhatsApp Marketing Advantages

  • Fast customer response.
  • Ability to send pictures, catalogs, and videos easily.
  • Very cheap service.
  • Managing brands effectively and efficiently.
  • The possibility of technical and technical support.
  • Rounding distances.