Of the profitable projects, there is no house but needs food, and the percentage of loss for this project is almost non-existent because the markets always need consumer goods, and at the last time the demand and purchase of this material have become very high, and the people of cities and villages have become willing to buy food instead of Dependence on agriculture, and in this article, we will explain to you the secrets of the food trade, including costs, needs, requirements, advice, equipment, and others.

The Advantages of the Food Trade Project

  • It does not require large capital, so you can start the project with an amount ranging from 3000 to 4000 USD.
  • The percentage of loss is 0%, because food is always required by people, periodically and continuously. All the materials that you buy immediately sell them and verify their profits, and the profit of this project is daily and you can collect its profits and its account with ease.
  • Choosing the place to start the project, you can start at home and in any room or rent a small store or store to store the goods, and then display them to people in all available and appropriate ways.
  • You can start the project on your own alone and advance it through you, and this requires you a high effort for the success of the project, especially at the beginning of the project.
  • Goods that are very popular, vital, and popular with people, and the degree of consumption is high and you should make sure of their validity date and bring them from wholesalers or distributors or by factories such as pasta factories and vegetable and natural oils and others.

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Food Trade Project Requirements

  • A storehouse for storing food commodities, and the store must be suitable for ventilation in order to ensure that your goods remain intact, and the store must be close to a residential area full of residents so that you can distribute them to shops.
  • A private headquarters for you to manage the project, preferably inside your home. In the beginning, all commercial transactions will be via phone, internet, and modern means of communication.
  • The necessary licenses from the competent authorities, such as the Ministry of Investment and Economy, and others, so that they are not subject to legal accountability and accountability.
  • Transportation means for transporting foodstuffs. Initially, these methods can be as simple as “ticked or a motorcycle” and with the development of the project, you can replace it with a large car to transport large quantities of goods.

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Quality of Foodstuffs for Trade

  • Foodstuffs are of high consumption and demand among people so that they can distribute them easily, for example, rice, flour, beans, pasta, lentils, obesity, oil, corn, beans, and other required foodstuffs.
  • Analysis and examination of all foodstuffs traded in the market, and what are the most traded types of seeds and oils in the markets, in addition to commodities, and this facilitates your business in trade.
  • Specialization in certain types such as oils, fats, and seeds, relying on modern and innovative technologies, high-quality laboratories, high-quality employees and extensive experience in the field to evaluate the market and products, and a distinctive global network to be able to succeed directly and quickly and to advance significantly.

How is the Food Obtained?

  • Contracting with factories and companies specialized in food production, such as corn, flour and rice factories, and others.
  • Get food without intermediaries, such as beans, lentils, and soy.
  • Import from abroad through the import and export offices located within the borders of the country in which it is evaluated.

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Equipment for Food Packaging

  • Electronic balance for weighing foodstuffs and filling all weights in an appropriate and ideal way.
  • Suitable plastic bags, and you must write the product name on it, and the date of production and expiration, in addition to that the commercial register.
  • A standard for packing foodstuffs and placing them in the appropriate bags.
  • A good machine for packing bags, in addition to a triple welding machine, so that you can package the product correctly and desired, and prevent air from entering these bags, and so that it is not subject to damage or environmental pollution.

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How to Shop for a Food Trade Project?

  • The field of tenders, for example, tenders for government and private schools, hospitals, ministries, etc.
  • Agreement with a supermarket and this helps you sell food very quickly, because the demand for the supermarket is very large, and you can leave your products in a hypermarket and follow the movement of buying and selling in it.
  • Marketing products through social media, through creating specialized promotional pages for foodstuff trading, and making all commercial advertisements on them, including designs, content, exciting offers, competitions, etc. to attract your people.
  • Marketing by making billboards at crossroads, brochures, prints, and publications, and distributing them to populated areas.
  • Participating in food and commodity exhibitions, or contracting with clubs, hotels, apartments, and restaurants, or with ministries to provide them with the necessary foodstuffs.

Important Tips

  • Food that is lean or low in fat, and providing healthy food commodities.
  • Avoid adding any kind of chemicals, so as not to cause health problems in people, and the food should be safe.
  • The expiry date of the food and clearly written it, and specify an average period.
  • It is neither long nor short for this commodity to be sold easily, without being damaged or corrupt.
  • Provide high-demand products in large quantities, such as canned cheese, beans, and rice.
  • Wheat, sugar, other such products that you can specify on demand.

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