It can be implemented in the garden of the house or on the roofs if you have your own place. The cultivation process can be done at any time because it is one of the simple crops that can be easily grown, besides it has a wide range of various benefits because it can be used in cooking, and it contains a large percentage of calcium.

It is produced on the surface land and is among the total fungi that are very suitable for human consumption. It is one of the main sources of vitamins, proteins, and folic acid.

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Steps to Grow Mushrooms

Mushroom is easily cultivated, and among these requirements:

  • Chlorine for sterilization, preferably medical chlorine.
  • sterilization bags of 10 bags.
  • Thermometer.
  • Water spray.
  • Barrel of water, nylon bags.
  • Wheat straw weighing 40 kg

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Steps to Grow Mushrooms

 All the details are in the following points:

Cleanse the room where it will be planted and get rid of all polluted items.

Cut the hay into small sizes 1 cm.

Put the straw into a water barrel and it should be boiled for at least an hour, after which it is filtered.

Mix the mushrooms with straw extracted from the water and put them in the plastic bags.

Put the bags in a place that is exposed to light permanently. The percentage of moisture in them must be high and preferably up to 24 degrees and is left for a period of two weeks.

Spray all bags and the floor through the water spray in order to provide the required degree of humidity and the formation of cotton threads.

Reducing humidity to 17 ° C with 10-hour heat exposure.

Maintaining the degree of moisture and continuing to spray water into the bags until the kernels are ready and after 4 days the mushrooms are ready.

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