With the spread of the Corona virus in the world, international companies paid large prices with hundreds of dollars and possibly billions, and for this reason, every company has come to take its reserves after the virus has spread in its offices.

Facebook Company

For example, Facebook, after one of its employees was infected with the Corona virus, decided to close its offices and inform the employees that the work would be from homes and worked to allocate $ 100 to help startups and small companies to overcome the Corona crisis and also withdrew from its attendance at the SXSWU Festival for Cinema, Music and Technology, which occurs every year in Texas due to fears of the spread of Corona virus Facebook has canceled its biggest annual event, the FA Developers Conference, in exchange for providing video and direct content on its platforms. As for the global marketing summit in San Francisco, the company canceled it.

Google Inc.

As for Google, it canceled many conferences and seminars for it, the most important of which is the well-known developer conference I0, which is scheduled to be held in Aabar, Kefurina. It also canceled the Global News Initiative Summit and said that it will transform the event digitally.

Twitter Company

On the level of Twitter, it has encouraged about 5,000 employees around the world to work through the home, especially employees in Japan and South Korea, and left them open to them in the freedom to choose to work in the office, as well as the company withdrew from attending the SXSWU Festival such as Facebook and Twitter announced new measures against speech Hate includes the Corona virus and the company’s safety and security team said it will focus our attention on tackling the threat of violence in real life, and Twitter will block tweets that make false promises and allegations that they are being treated for the disease or its symptoms or provide any information that leads to panic and panic in the public or causes harm to government efforts Official fight against the epidemic.

Instagram Company

As for Instagram, it announced that it will implement measures to limit the spread of fake news about the outbreak of the newly created Corona virus known scientifically as “COVID-19” through the effects of augmented reality, and the company wrote in an update to its group called (Facebook) that it removed the effects of augmented reality already published , and any pending requests for effects that you claim to predict, diagnose or treat the virus will be rejected, in addition to highlighting information useful to prevent the virus.


On the other hand, Snapchat fights misinformation by preventing partners from sharing it through its platform, in addition to highlighting the health information shared by the “Discover” tab partners, including the correct way to wash hands and how the virus spreads.

The seriousness of this epidemic, which does not tolerate joking, ridiculous, or intimidating, as social media companies rushed to provide good service and support to their clients, which was very clear by providing many initiatives, services and information to prevent the spread of the Corona virus more than it was before.

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