The important activities set by the city’s markets in mind, and despite this, they are in a state of panic in order to fulfill all the requirements of its residents and in order to provide them with all the foodstuffs that help them in providing a decent life, which includes the food industries on the process of converting products From the primary elements which consist of fruits and vegetables to a group of multiple forms in order to be used in many fields. Apricots are manufactured in a distinctive way and the work or gambling of religion through it is considered food manufacturing compared to a large group of different foods that people need in general, and Saudi Arabia is one of the Arab countries that take care of the process of self-equivalence for all the residents in it, today we will get to know more about the businesses revolving around the food industries that take place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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The Food Industry in Saudi Arabia

It works to provide food products as it knows the high rate of citizens’ needs annually, so it seeks to provide the best and best for all the residents of the Saudi Arabia and help them in providing all the requirements and daily needs. In the field of food industries for 30 years and he retains his position. It is also interested in development and development work in this field because it is considered the best investment business that takes place in Saudi Arabia, where the number of factories that manufacture food resources is constantly increasing, and there are 3 factories annually The percentage of factories increased twice in a simple period of time, as investment rates in one year achieved the equivalent of 9.9 billion Saudi riyals, and the percentage of the total sales is 90%.

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Types of Food Industries in Saudi Arabia

In order to meet all the requirements of life and interest in providing a decent life, it is represented in:

  • Poultry, which is witnessing very high economic growth in the recent period and helps in development in the field, where the annual percentage of sales increases by 7 thousand riyals from the previous year, and the percentage of sales in it reaches about 60%.
  • Dairy Industry Products made from dairy are always exported to all malls in Saudi Arabia and this is because the requirements on them are increasing and noticeable in a big way. They are multifarious products and based on the wishes of everyone, many of them were provided and they are all sterile and automatically packed to maintain the quality and cleanliness of the products.
  • Date manufacturing. Economic conditions stabilize the process of making the order, but they are increasing during the month of Ramadan. However, despite this, date production is one of the main factors that companies implement to maintain their quality in the market.
  • Raw milk Many types of research confirm that the opportunity to invest in this matter is very successful as cheese and cream are made from raw milk and are at the highest level of hygiene and purification, and it is one of the products that attract the buyer because being at home is basic business.

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