Food industries are the largest investment business working on the development of the country, and many officials added that investing in food industries worked to pump a lot of money to Egypt in the previous period and this will return again in the next period, where the percentage of sales of food industries exceeds 90% Of sales because most people depend on those foodstuffs. According to studies that have been worked on in the food industry, it is known that it is one of the fastest and largest economic businesses that are held in that period, whoever wants to obtain great investment opportunities must do the work and implement That idea, as it is considered the fastest and most developed area in Egypt, and the percentage of spending in it is about 40%, i.e. the gain is 60%, and this is because the Egyptian people depend on the food industries.

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Food Industries Sector

The agricultural sector is the only productive means that stimulates a lot of industrial activities, and it is also considered one of the main businesses in which the food industries abound, according to the work that takes place within the state. These industries are the means that give Egypt the largest investment volume at the level of the food industry, the value that Direct sales record very high.

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The Value of Food and Beverage Productions

The value of food purchases increased to be in 2019 by the value of 20 million pounds and began to increase one after the other to become the investment rule in 2023 equivalent to 25 million pounds, so he considered that the field is the only investment work that helps to implement those plans and helps in the development of the country. As foodstuffs are not limited to beverages only, they are also legumes, grains, fish, vegetables, and many other purposes that a person needs in meeting his daily needs, for this, we know very well that these food industries are the only factor that helps in developing the economic volume inside Egypt, the percentage always rises Sales annually from the previous year, because the food industry is one of the most important necessities of life and it is the only means that some people resort to in providing their home necessities.

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The Advantages of the Food Industry

There are the properties that belong to the works that are held on a general level.

  • An expiration date and an expiration date, and this helps everyone know the validity period and whether it is suitable for use or not, so it is necessary to see the expiration date before the purchase and know the duration of its survival.
  • All food industries depend on a group of materials that are used to keep food from viruses and microbes and to keep it in its best condition, as all cans are in the best and best condition for them because some of them need a freezing process.
  • The ways in which food is manufactured varies, according to the material that is placed in cans. If it is a simple thing made at home, such as inputs, it needs different materials on potato chips or other foods.

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