Increasing industrial and agricultural projects The demand for rental of transport trucks has increased significantly, which transports equipment, machinery, devices, and raw materials to workplaces, and this project requires capital, feasibility study, construction cost, and annual expenses and revenues, so in this article, we will explain to you Feasibility study for the transport truck rental project.

Feasibility Study Requirements for a Truck Rental Project

Equipment Costs

Three transport shipments, two water transport trucks, two air conditioners, and the total cost of this equipment is 140,000 USD.

Administrative Expenses

The fees for administrative licenses that are carried out by government institutions include marketing expenses, telephone expenses, public relations expenses, and other administrative expenses. The total cost of these expenses is estimated at 1150 USD annually.

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Electricity and Diesel Cost

Transport trucks require large amounts of diesel, for the trucks to run continuously, and the total cost of diesel is estimated to $6500 annually.


The project requires 5 drivers on trucks and adding the wages of the project owner, and the total cost of these wages is estimated to 44,600 USD annually.

Office Rent

This project requires a rental office with a total area of ​​30 meters, and the annual cost of this rent is 4200 dollars.

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Expected Profit

With 80% of the project’s capacity throughout the entire year, the annual statistics for revenues are $ 92,000 and this revenue is spent on operating, service, and administrative expenses

Spare parts, maintenance costs, manpower, and office rentals. As for work, at 100% of the facility’s operating rate, annual revenue will rise to $ 138,000.

Net Profit

Net profits from this project after deducting all costs, administrative expenses, operating, rentals, etc. to $ 45,200,000 profit annually.

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