Most of the young people in this community think about their independent work. Thinking about implementing a sugar filling project is one of the successful projects that achieve their goals in life, because the project is very profitable and the percentage of its profits is doubling from one period to another because the project is easy to work on and implement. This project is considered simple and inexpensive and helps them in advancing the work and the success of the project in a short time.

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Feasibility Study of the Sugar Filling Project

Choose a Special Place for the Project

You only need two rooms, devices are placed, work is done in the first room and sugar is stored in the other.

The requirements that help to facilitate the work and make it simpler and easier by providing:

  • A wood basin with a capacity of more than 50 kilograms, so that it can be easily placed in bars.
  • Small shovel for 30 g bags.
  • Digital scale for the bags to be filled evenly.
  • Bags bearing the project name, address, and phone number.


For the distribution process to be successful, the product can be sold in more than one place and distributed to stores, grocery, and supermarkets.

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Basic Factors

There are important factors that contribute to the success of this project, but it is necessary to follow these factors, which are:

  • The labor that possesses acumen in the field for the project to be successfully implemented.
  • Carrying out the wholesale price and providing a lower price than the competitors in the market.
  • A suitable place to be located in a dynamic and well-ventilated area.
  • The distribution process outside and inside the city until the marketing percentage is escalated.
  • The follow-up to daily market prices and competitors’ prices, it is possible to follow the stock exchange.
  • Providing the best set of work machines and equipment helps increase profits because it is quicker than manual packing.
  • The product is offered for people to get a high-quality product.

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