One of the most important chemical compounds that work on disinfection and sterilization and is classified among the group of alcohols, and it is defined as one of the liquid substances that have no pungent color or smell. Ethanol alcohol is extracted by fermenting a group of things, including natural sugar, potatoes, sugar cane, wheat, and many other plants.

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Where is Ethanol Sold?

Ethanol is sold in specific places because it is a medicinal product that can be handled with care. It can be obtained from the following places:

  • Cosmetics and medical products stores.
  • Pharmacies.
  • Chemical stores.

It is possible to implement alcohol at home, but this requires a high degree of heat, and the percentage of fermentation must be controlled.

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Properties of Ethanol Alcohol

  • Its chemical formula is C2H5O. As for the partial formula, it is C2H6O.
  • One of the compounds that has the ability to make a hydrogen bond between its molecules, which includes a substance that consolidates bonds, and the relationship between them is known as hydroxyl.
  • It boils at a temperature of 80 degrees.
  • It can interact with the polar solvents that are in the water, and it is one of the activities that create hydrogen bonds in the water.
  • It mixes with glycerin, water, acetone, benzene, carbon chloride, and some other organic solvents.
  • The ethanol label that was released on ethanol alcohol is free from water and it is impossible for the distillation process to take place through it.
  • It is a material that produces carbon dioxide gas.

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