What Motivates Investors to Start Investing in Haiti?

  • Companies established in the free trade areas of Haiti get a five-year tax exemption.
  • Haitian citizens’ income is somewhat lower in comparison to some other countries.
  • Haiti exports crude oil to some countries of the world at a rate of six thousand barrels everyday, so this helps strengthen its economy.

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Procedures for Setting Up a Company in Haiti

  • Preparing the Memorandum of Association.
  • Preparing the company’s articles of association and certifying company documents.
  • Depositing the capital in a bank account.
  • Registering the company with the Tax Department.
  • Obtaining a tax number from the Tax Department.
  • Registering in the commercial register at the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
  • Obtaining a professional card from the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
  • Obtaining the commercial notebooks.
  • Registering the employees at the Ministry of Labor.
  • Registering for social security.

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Types of Companies in Haiti

Limited Liability Company

It consists of at least three partners and managers. At least one of the board of directors must be a Haitian citizen.

Branch of a Foreign Company

Its establishment requires the presence of a lawyer to organize the legal procedures.

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Representative Office

It is established by the parent company for purposes like commercial marketing and promoting the company’s activities. This representative office is not permitted to do business.

Public and Limited Partnership

The establishment of the partnership requires the presence of at least two partners who bear the company’s obligations, debts and responsibilities.